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#FoodyFridays Mediterranean Style Wrap

This is a great lunch recipe idea, packed full of veggies and a great lunchbox idea for children and adults.


· 1 wholemeal wrap

· 1tbsp green pesto

· 45g chicken breast

· Handful of mixed salad leaves

· Handful of cherry tomatoes chopped

· Few slices of red onion chopped

· 1 tbsp feta cheese


1. Season chicken breast e.g. salt and pepper (optional)

2. Grill chicken breast until cooked

3. Cut the chicken and assemble the wrap

4. To assemble the wrap begin by spreading the pesto, followed by mixed salad leaves, sliced chicken, chopped tomatoes, chopped red onion and top with feta cheese

*To make vegetarian you could substitute with alternatives such as chickpeas or tofu.

Energy: 1689(Kj) 404(kcal)

Fat: 20g

Saturates: 5.4g

Carbohydrates 31g

Sugars: 5.4g

Fibre: 4.4g

Protein: 23g

Salt: 1.8g

Did you try this recipe? If so, we'd love to hear how you found it! Comment below.

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