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Unleash Your Inner Artist

In today's blog we're discussing our art workshop, how you can get involved and examples of what we're going to be painting each week.

Lets Stay Creative

In today's blog, we are discussing what to expect from our painting workshops, from how you can get involved, to sharing some positive experiences from people who have already attended. We aim to inspire individuals to try something new and exciting in an inclusive social space.

Taking up a new hobby is a rewarding way of improving your personal health and wellbeing, while also providing you with a new skillset, or a fresh perspective allowing you to overcome greater challenges in life. All of this and more encapsulates what our 'Unleash Your Inner Artist' workshop aims to provide for those interested in signing up.

Our Painting Planner

Each week features a new painting to try, and we encourage people to engage with the idea that simply creating your own interpretation of an artwork is important, as there is no right or wrong way of making art. Below you can look at some of the paintings you can try in our upcoming Monday workshops:

If you are interested and would like to book, please contact

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