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Palak's Work Experience Week!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Palak joined us last week to complete her work experience week. We set up a fantastic timetable of fun activities to get involved with here at Healthbox CIC! Read more below about what she thought of her experience of working with us.

I applied to Healthbox CIC for a one week work experience placement through my Sixth Form College to find a post where I could explore the wellbeing of different people with a variety of age ranges to help my future career. Having previously worked at a coffee shop, I gained an interest into delving deeper into the public health sector and working with others. Healthbox allowed me to access this with various resources to achieve a more comprehensive view of the world around me.

I was introduced to the team I would work with, who were friendly and welcoming, showing me the office. I then began to help around the office by laminating and cutting out playful and engaging activities for young children for their understanding to maintain healthy wellbeing.

On the second day, I went out to do practical work in Tarporley with a community-run for the older community, which was terrific to see people coming together and developing new relationships. Soon after, I attended the Coffee & Chat session where I understood the different cases with people’s lives, which made me become further passionate in my career path of psychology and gave me an understanding of the different angles of what Healthbox CIC supports overall. My day then followed further, helping Falls Prevention session that consisted with exercises to help strengthen stability (with some dancing and some music) that gathered a solid community to connect who were sociable, and I had friendly conversations with them.

During my placement at Healthbox, I had many highlights within the week, such as the Packed Lunch Pals and the Healthy Breakfast school sessions where I helped educate a local community about how nutritious meals are essential. I found that the kids were highly engaged, and I helped encourage some young kids to try new foods such as green peppers and bran flakes, which could be challenging. However, they enjoyed it very much, and the year 2 class created their crunchy monkeys (a breakfast meal consisting of cereal, yoghurt and fruit). In contrast, year 1s made their rainbow couscous (couscous with a colourful range of vegetables). This was exciting and rewarding to see smiles on faces.

Overall, work experience was rewarding and helped me for my career path ahead, giving me new practical skills and knowledge for the future. Not only that, but I enjoyed working with the team around me, having laughs and conversations that were helpful to me.

A big thank you to Palak for her hard work and enthusiasm during her work experience week!

If you are interested in completing work experience with us, please email

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