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Mental Health First Aid with Healthbox CIC

What is Mental Health First Aid?

MHFA is a course to help raise awareness of mental health, what factors affect your mental wellbeing, and how to confidently step forward and provide support. You partake in a range of different group activities, discussions and presentations each built around a mental health action plan. The course is interactive, and it’s outlined from the beginning that everyone has a voice to express their opinions and thoughts in a safe space. Activities are engaging, with most activities encouraging group discussions that allow participants to bring forward their own personal views and experiences.

What Do You Learn From MHFA?

During the two-day course you learn a number of techniques to help visualize mental health in a refreshingly destigmatized way. The course takes into account common misconceptions surrounding illnesses such as psychosis and PD and aims to explain them in a considerate and fact-based manner, to help inform and raise awareness for how to properly approach someone experiencing these issues.

On the other hand, the course tackles commonly experienced feelings such as stress, by using the stress container to help better understand what is making you stressed, and how to utilize helpful coping strategies.

How Did People Find the Course?

Delivered by Healthbox trainers Andrew and Elizabeth, other attendees have had their say on how the course was for them:

"Both instructors were informative, inclusive and engaging. They made the learning process fun and interesting and gave us personal and professional experiences along the way which really helped with understanding. I feel I have taken away a lot from this course and I can see how hugely beneficial it would be for society if more members completed the MHFA course. I would highly recommend."

"The course was delivered at exactly the right level and I would recommend it to all workforce's. It would provide a great foundation of understanding for those with no mental health awareness and is a brilliant opportunity for people with good mental health awareness to recap and refresh their knowledge and understanding. Very insightful and delivered in a really sensitive way that is very relatable. I would highly recommend this course."

Stay tuned for more information about our next course date!

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