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Lesley's Placement Experience

Over the past 4 weeks, student Lesley joined us from Liverpool John Moores University to complete a 4 Nutrition week placement. Read below to find out how Lesley found her placement in her own words.

Lesley setting up a taster session at a pre-school in Ellesmere Port
Lesley & Sarah setting up a taster session at a pre-school in Ellesmere Port

I just finished a four week work placement at Healthbox CIC where I had the opportunity to work within the community and apply known theory to practice. I am a third year nutrition student and when choosing where I wanted to spend my placement, Healthbox CIC was an organisation that really stood out to me. They stated that their main aims and beliefs were that all individuals should be given the chance to understand their own health and wellbeing and improve their quality of life and they definitely lived up to this expectation. From my experience I was able to observe just how much they help and aid the community from sessions with children in schools, to information and guidance with baby lead weaning and weight loss management. Feedback from each individual involved In these sessions was always positive and they stated that they really enjoyed and learned a lot from them.

I knew from the first day that I was going to enjoy my experience at Healthbox as everyone was so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Lines of communication were always open and I knew that if I had any questions or queries they would always be answered. One aspect that I really enjoyed was getting the chance to write up blog posts and budget recipes for the Healthbox website. I was given complete creative freedom and it was an opportunity for me to apply the knowledge that I had learned throughout my time in university and put it to use in a work based setting.

Overall I found this to be an enriching experience, with a great team and would highly recommended Healthbox to anyone considering placement.

Lesley was an absolute delight to work with, and really used her initiative to get on with the task at hand, we wish her all the best for the future and in completing her degree.

If you're interested in gaining some work experience, completing volunteering hours as part of your degree or a placement - get in touch via

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