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Gary and Callum's Mission

Callum’s journey began when he and his father, Gary, decided to train towards conquering Snowdonia as a means of fundraising for local food banks.

At just 7 years of age Callum and Gary are inspiring us and hopefully those who hear their story to improve their personal wellbeing and fitness while creating positive change in their local community.

So far, Gary and Callum have raised more than their initial target of £1000, with a new target to raise up to £2000 to help make food parcels for their local community, with any leftover funds going towards supporting their local hospice and Elm Grove Park.

Our Film of their Journey

As a way of showing our commitment to helping others support our local communities, we decided to document Callum’s journey from his training, to strapping on his walking boots, to capturing the epic feeling of reaching Snowdon's summit.

  • Watch the video to see the trailer for our upcoming feature movie of their journey, and hear a short interview with Callum and Gary about what they want to achieve.

What we aimed to capture in our video is the spirit and determination to help others that can inspire us all to do our part in supporting our local communities.

We also hope this video and Callum’s story has the potential to inspire individuals to come forward and commit to improving their personal fitness and wellbeing.

Gary and Callum are just one example of how we can support the community and aid those affected by the current pandemic. Supporting our cause can help to arrange new projects and facilitate positive change in our local community.

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