Employability WorkZones (Aspire)

Employability WorkZones (Aspire)

The project is comprised of a 5 session programme delivered in the familiar setting of the Workzone in Ellesmere Port. The project involves interactive activities and focuses upon personal development, increasing confidence and building motivation thereby promoting individual health and wellbeing.

The interactive activities will include:



-meal planning


The sessions will be delivered within each session engaging the learners in an innovative way, whilst at the same time teaching basic skills.

Each session will be mapped to key transferable skills and personal development including; communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving, working under pressure and to deadlines, initiative and self-motivation, organisational skills, and team-working. These skills will be developed and utilised within each of the interactive sessions. In addition, there will also be a specific learning activity for the participants to complete, linked to awareness and development of these transferable skills. These specific learning activities will include whole and small group discussion and feedback, use of problem solving cycles, project management, team role (e.g. Belbin) analysis, reflection, identification of transferable skills and overcoming barriers.