Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga & Mindfulness

Healthbox CIC are now offering Yoga and Mindfulness classes, delivered by Holly our qualified yoga instructor.

Yoga is very beneficial to the mind and body for all ages, our programmes can be adapted to be bespoke to meet the needs of the specific group. From beginner, to intermediate styles of sessions we will ensure you feel great after our sessions.


Holly our main instructor completed her Yoga Alliance Accredited 200YTT in Ashtanga / Vinyasa Flow in India and is well equipped with the expertise to take you to new levels of relaxation. From chair based relaxation using breathing techniques, to gentle chair based movements, to a slow gentle flow or a faster paced dynamic class.

Venues are decorated with warm candlelight and fairy lights and soft yoga style music is played.

The duration of a class can be tailored to your desire, during your lunch break or after a long day at work.


Yoga and mindfulness sessions are now available to children ages 3+ all the way through to teens. Using stories and adventures to captivate the imaginations whilst moving through different postures, sequences and breathing techniques.  Sessions can help children during the transition from primary to secondary and through times of stress during tests.

Please contact for more information and to book your pupils in for a 30/40 minute session depending on age. See flyer for additional information.

“I like that yoga is always there when you need it” Macie, Y5 pupil, December 2017

Schools can take the opportunity to buy in our Child Yoga & Mindfulness through using part of their new schools sports budget as our sessions will increase physical activity & build the strength of the pupils, we can offer sessions to children 3-12.


Sessions can be delivered to Secondary Schools to aid relieving stress and anxiety during periods of pressure such as exams, tests and coursework.  All programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of the group.

-Learn how to calm your mind through movement and postures

-Use your breathing as a tool to distress, relax and be present (being present in each moment allows us to connect with ourselves whilst easing our worries and anxieties that can be brought on by every day life and a busy modern society)

“The yoga session was really enjoyable and relaxing, it included stretching excercises on your own and also with others, and also a very de-stressing bit at the end concentrating on breathing.  Overall, it was lovely and relaxing experience with a great instructor.”  Nick, Youth Residential Nov 2017

Above are some images of a Youth Residential at Trafford Hall!

Feedback from our sessions

“I felt so relaxed in the session last night it was so beneficial for me personally, I have been to other yoga classes in the past but have never felt at ease as I did, the head massage at the end was a really nice touch… I have to say this was probably the best yoga class I have ever been to.”

Amy Conner, Member of Staff at Woodlands Limited

I found the Yoga to be exactly what I have been searching for in a class – gentle exercise coupled with breathing/self-meditation techniques.  For me it is all about not feeling guilty about taking time out for myself and allowing myself to TRY and relax. I already feel more chilled out than I have in a long time!”

“I didn’t feel 100% last night and thought I wouldn’t be able to comfortably complete the session, how wrong I was, it made me feel so relaxed and the session was just perfect.”

See how successful our children’s yoga has been in this article:

For more information about our Yoga & Mindfulness programmes please get in touch!