Oral Health

Oral Health

Healthbox CIC offers a comprehensive range of oral health programmes that are all interactive and designed to appeal to the specific target group through fun and informative sessions.

These sessions are designed to motivate children to carry out effective oral hygiene practices. The sessions are interactive and informative, covering the importance of tooth brushing, dietary sugars and more.
Topics include:
-The importance of toothcare
-Exploring the effects of sugar on teeth
-Nutrition in relation to keeping teeth healthy
-Visiting a dentist
-Sugar Awareness
What else?
-Packs to support the workshop are available for children to take home. Prices are available on request.
-The option for the children to take part in plaque disclosing activity is also available upon request.
-Supervised tooth brushing programmes for schools to implement are also available.

All of our oral health programmes can be delivered as stand alone sessions or incorporated into many of our other services.

Please choose from the below Oral Health Workshop options:

Oral Health Workshops KS1 & KS2

Plaque Disclosing Workshop

Supervised Tooth brushing