What Lucy learnt from working with us!

What Lucy learnt from working with us!

Hello! My name is Lucy, I’m currently studying Sports and Exercise Science at Chester and I’ve just finished an amazing five week placement with Healthbox CIC, where I’ve been lucky enough to get involved with lots of different projects across the community! From being involved in the exercise classes with the elderly, to cooking healthy food with children in schools, and making hundreds of Healthbox’s famous goodness balls (recipe is on the website!), it’s been an amazing experience as I’ve learnt so much, got hands on with projects, worked with various members of the community who have various needs, and expanded my knowledge even further in areas I didn’t originally know much about!

I’ve been so inspired by what the Healthbox team do for people in the community as they work extremely hard to make sure families, young people and the elderly have a better lifestyle and become happier and more confident! Working here has made it clear to me that supporting others in the community through promoting health is something I want to continue doing once I’ve graduated from university. I’ve always wanted to help people become happy and healthy which is why one of the most eye-opening things I did on placement was plan our own project, which was a family fun day aimed at helping families who need it most! Coordinating and planning our first project was so exciting and it was a bonus that it went really well too! It involved lots of fun activities such as smoothie bikes, arts and crafts, puzzles and much more, as well as providing everyone with lots of healthy food they could help themselves to! It was so enjoyable and inspiring getting to know the families these events benefit the most and seeing them so happy!



Alongside many of these projects and events, I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed expanding my knowledge further, such as understanding the importance of the planning and preparation that goes into creating a project, learning how to successfully structure exercise sessions, and everything nutrition related! At the beginning of my placement I got involved with a vegetarian based pregnancy workshop where the aim was to give nutritional advice during pregnancy, whilst advising women about a healthy, vegetarian diet. Since I came from an exercise background, I didn’t have extensive knowledge about nutrition on a broader level and the importance of it for pregnant women, but with the help from colleagues and independently researching information myself, I was soon an expert about all things nutrition related, which was most beneficial as I was then able to build upon what I already knew and apply it more effectively to help people in the community!

When you can see the positive impact your hard work has had on other people’s lives, it makes you realise that no matter how big or small your contribution is to helping someone, you will always make a difference to their life in more ways than one, and this has been the most fulfilling and rewarding thing I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing on placement.

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Healthbox for this opportunity, I’ve loved every minute of it and look forward to coming back to volunteer as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Healthbox team!

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