Vegetarianism in Pregnancy Workshop

Vegetarianism in Pregnancy Workshop

As part of #NationalVegetarianWeek Healthbox teamed up with The One to One Midwives based at Ellesmere Port to deliver a Vegetarianism in Pregnancy workshop funded by the Vegetarian Society. Aimed at informing participants about the importance of a balanced diet and consuming a variety of vitamins and minerals, particularly those required during pregnancy. The workshop focussed particularly on vegetarianism during pregnancy and promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Participants were given a brief introduction to the workshop and given an opportunity to explore the resources and chat about topics they had come across whilst able to sample herbal teas and juices provided. They were then invited to observe a presentation which covered all aspects of vegetarianism in pregnancy such as important foods, useful tips, foods to avoid, the importance of a balanced diet and the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Following the presentation and informal discussions, the participants joined in the interactive cookery session, preparing two low cost nutritious recipes. The attendees were then given an opportunity to discuss topics, ask questions and give feedback.


The workshop was successful in that it provided health care

professionals an opportunity to discuss vegetarianism and how

it can be beneficial to health, budget and the environment and

enable them to pass on the health-related messages to expectant mothers.

Participants were also able to express any concerns regarding

vegetarianism in pregnancy and learn about how to achieve

optimal nutrition consuming a plant-based diet. In addition,

participants were given the opportunity to experiment with

plant-based recipes and ingredients. We had a lovely group

of 8 attend on the day and would like to thank all the participants,

students and One to One midwives for the support!

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