Nutrition for the Elderly Training

Nutrition for the Elderly Training

Healthbox CIC offer training to carers of the elderly on the topic of nutrition. This training is interactive and involves hands on cookery and taste testing aswell as practical information regarding a variety of areas of nutrition specific to the older generation.

Training is available to be delivered as;

  1. 3x 2 hour session per week consisting of 1 hour theory 1 hour practical cookery
  2. 1 Full Day Training involving a mixture of practical cookery and theory

Topics covered;

  • Nutrition in an ageing population
  • Nutrition requirements for the elderly
  • Reasons for malnutrition
  • Those at risk
  • Symptoms of malnutrition
  • Fortification and encouraging weight gain 

Training Aims/Outcomes;

By the end of this course learners will:

  • Understand some of the reasons for poor nutrition amongst the ageing population.
  • Have knowledge of the nutritional requirements of the older generation.
  • Understand the causes, symptoms and treatment of malnutrition.
  • Understand the importance of encouraging weight gain when older people are suffering from malnutrition.
  • Know how to fortify some common foods to improve their nutritional and calorific content.
  • Modifying recipes for specific dietary needs: gluten free/diabetes/lactose free
  • Increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables by modifying recipes.
  • Improving knowledge about food labeling and understanding how it works at a glance.

“Found useful particularly how we can support someone who has lost weight regain the weight by fortifying foods. Feel like I have a better understanding of oral health too. Recipe ideas were good, enjoyed having a go and making them.” Training Attendee, 2019

To find out more about this training please call 0151 355 0205 or email