The Transition Train: Our page for year 6 students.

The Transition Train: Our page for year 6 students.

Hi, we are Healthbox! We are a team of happy, healthy people who will join you for the next 5 years of your education journey to help you be happy and healthy too! We are working with Bishop Heber High School to start a student wellbeing project – later on we want to hear your ideas, but first we want to support you moving up from year 6 to secondary school. For the next 3 weeks we’ll have an activity a week for you, to help you get ready to move up! 


Week 1 – Thoughts & Feelings 

We wanted to let you explore your thoughts and feelings about leaving your primary school and starting high school. You may be feeling worried, nervous, excited, sad, or even all of those things at the same time! But that’s okay. It’s normal to feel mixed emotions, just remember everyone is going through the same feelings as you, so you are not alone. We understand that this is a big step for you so we’ve created our ‘Transition Train’, which you can ride with us. We’ll take you along with us every step of the way and hopefully you’ll learn lots of helpful tips to make you feel ready to start high school in September.  Each week, we’ll start with a short clip of The Transition Train, followed by a some fun activities you can do around the topic. 



  1. Message in a Bottle – This activity is to help you put your biggest thoughts, feelings and questions together and we will post the answers!

Here’s a short clip – 



Now fill in the below form to make your own message in a bottle – 


2. How I can cope with change: 

Moving up to high school, making new friends, having new teachers, being in more than one classroom and having lots of new things to learn about can sound like a lot of change at once! 


We’ve put this little activity together to remind you that you have coped with lots of changes already and you have the skills to help you cope with new experiences!

Have a think about how you have successfully coped with changes in your life already – Yes you have already done this lots of times! There is an example attached to help you think about your life events, when big changes have happened and you’ve dealt with them and come out the other side! These events could be moving house, a new baby, a change to your family, moving from beavers to cubs – anything important to you. Only share what you are happy to share – think about these events and how you felt, what you did and what helped you adapt to changes.




You could create a picture, a collage or fill in the questions attached – this is totally up to you!



3. Rainbow Meditation: Click to download 

Sometimes when we have lots of change happening it can feel a little overwhelming. If you are feeling like you have too many thoughts in your head at once – why not try this simple meditation to take some time to clear your mind and help you process your thoughts more calmly. 
This is a great little tool for any time you just need to stop, reflect and relax.


Week 2 – Self Care 

We often can get so caught up in our worries that we forget to take care of ourselves and listen to what our body needs. You’ve all been through lots of change these past few weeks and with high school coming up, it’s important that we can recognise when we need to self care, to refresh our minds and make us feel better. So, if you’re stressed, nervous or worried, would curling up and reading a book help? Or baking some treats for family? Even a walk outside in the fresh air may help? It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s for you and makes you feel happier. So, hop on board and let’s see where our journey takes us to this time. 



  1. Farewell Boat Meditation: Click the link. 

This meditation will help you feel better in your body and your mind. You will go on a special journey, in a boat, in your mind. What will you discover out at sea? Click here to watch: Farewell Boat Meditation


   2. Farewell Boat Craft

Now you’ve watched the video, have a go at drawing a picture of your farewell boat, with all your worries, angers and fears floating away. 

What did you imagine during the Meditation, can you draw this?

Click here for your activity sheet: Farewell Boat Activity


    3. Bedtime Yoga 

We’re going to go through a little routine that you can do before bed. We make a few shapes , stretch out our bodies and feel good in each pose. You can do this on a mat, your floor or hop onto your bed in your pyjamas to feel cosy and ready to relax. You’ll feel nice and peaceful practising this bedtime sequence it will help calm your nervous system and encourage you to appreciate and be kind to your body. 

Click here to watch: 


Stop 3 on the Transition Train – Friendships

Many of us are worried about making new friends and the challenge of moving to high school without existing friendships groups. We’re here to help you move through those difficult emotions and find ways to feel more confident about making new friends and feeling happier within yourself. Start by watching the next part of the Transition Train journey and then have a go at the activities below. 





1. Morning Sequence 

A morning sequence that will wake you up and energise your body for the day ahead.  Find yourself a mat or a towel and click to watch. 


2. Courage Meditation 

Today you are going to find your brave! How? By practising something called meditation. Meditations are moments where you are still and where you focus. They help you feel good about your self and believe in yourself.


3.  Positivity Self-Portrait 

This activity is thinking about you! What are you good at? What is special about you? What makes you a good friend? 

Click this link to design your own unique portrait –Positivity Portrait Activity

4.  Conversation Starters 

When meeting new people for the first time, sometimes you may worry about what to say and what you can talk about. We’ve put together a little activity sheet to give you a few examples of conversations starters.

Try them out on your family first if you like and see how you get on! Click here to view: Conversation Starters Activity


Week 3 – Skills to go big

Hello again! This week we’re looking at skills to help you feel more confident and make the ‘move up’ go as smoothly as it can! If you’ve been thinking about how to manage homework, how to manage difficult emotions and what to expect when you get to high school – these activities are for you! So, you know the score by now. Start by watching the final stop on our ‘Transition Train’ journey below and then have a go at the activities. 



1. Feel Good Flow:

This yoga flow is designed to help you feel really good, blast any worries away that you may have and help stress levels. Move and stretch your body, use your breath in the poses, calm your mind and have fun doing so. Click the video below to play. 


2. Square Breathing:

Square breathing is a type of breathwork that can      connect you more deeply with your body, calm your nervous system, and decrease stress in your body.

Click here to see: Square breathing


3. Glitter Jar:

Our mindfulness glitter jars will help you to understand that no matter how you are feeling, your emotions will settle in good time. And everything will become much clearer. 

Learn how to make your own glitter jar by watching this video: 


Resources: We’ve put together some handy checklists and top tips for you to help you feel more comfortable about starting high school in September. 

With our ‘My New Teachers’ list you can make a note of your new teachers names and stick the sheet in your bedroom or on the fridge in the kitchen, to help you remember! Click here to print:  My New Teachers

Lots of you may be worried about receiving more homework from your teachers at secondary school and how to organise your time with the different subjects. So we’ve put together a homework timetable for you, so you can begin to look at time management, which will help you throughout school. Click here to print: My Homework Timetable

With our ‘Top Transition Tips’ you can start to think about all the different aspects of going to high school, the after school clubs, getting the bus, etc – filling in these checklists will help you to feel more organised and ready to start. Click here to print:  Top Transition Tips


🌊 Message in a bottle 🌊 – Responses 

We shared an activity in week 1 asking you to use a form to create your own messages in a bottle. Thank you for all your work – here is our messages back to you ☺️