Children’s Yoga

Children’s Yoga

Yoga and mindfulness sessions are now available to children ages 3+. Using stories and adventures to captivate the imaginations whilst moving through different postures, sequences and breathing techniques.  Yoga at school can help children during the transition from primary to Secondary and through times of stress during tests.

Please contact for more information and to book your pupils in for a 30/40 minute session depending on age.

“I like that yoga is always there when you need it” Macie, Y5 pupil, Dec 2017

Schools can take the opportunity to buy in our Child Yoga & Mindfulness through using part of their new schools sports budget as our sessions will increase physical activity & build the strength of the pupils, we can offer sessions to children 3-12.

“My son has loved the yoga every week – waking up on a Tuesday and asking to go straight away! It’s been a lovely experience watching him learn all the new poses and also keeping a 2 year old on a mat and engaged is an achievement!” – Parent of a child that attended Outdoor Yoga

“We will continue to have quiet time to reflect on each day”
– Parent of a child that attended Outdoor Yoga