Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention

Falls not only induce injury in older people, but can have a huge negative impact on the person’s confidence and independence, increasing isolation and impacting on both physical and mental health. Statistics suggest that about 1 in 10 people who fall become afraid to leave their homes (2013). This programme aims to improve the strength and balance of those who need it, reducing the risk of falling.

Outline Of The Programme

-Sessions are once per week. The programme is typically 12 weeks in duration.

-Each week consists of an exercise session, followed by a workshop on a variety of different topics related to Falls Prevention.

-Workshops include nutrition and falls, the wonders of water, benefits of exercise, how to get up from a fall and many others.



Reduce the number of fallers

Increase muscle strength.

Improve balance.

Reduce the fear of falling.

Improve postural stability.

Reduce the number of hospital admissions as a result of a fall.



Reduce the risk of falling and therefore reducing the risk of fractures.

Increase physiological fitness in the following areas flexibility, strength, balance, postural stability and muscle endurance.

Reduce the fear of falling.

Improves general nutrition and falls related nutrition.

Decrease bone and joint pain.


“My flexibility has increased”

“It’s a great way to make new friends”


Each attendee at our Falls Prevention classes receive some merchandise with information about how to reduce the risk of a fall, at home.


Haven’t fallen but want to keep active? If you live in the Cheshire West and Chester area, you could have a class near your home – get in touch today!


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