Weaning Wonderful

Weaning Wonderful

Our baby weaning programme is is aimed at parents with babies aged up to 12 months and has been developed to answer common questions and concerns about general nutrition and introducing solids. The programme encourages exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months and the continuation of breastfeeding alongside complementary feeding to 2 years and beyond. The programme also promotes and delivers NHS and Start 4 Life messages

Our programme covers the following topics:

Signs your baby is ready for ‘solids’

  • First tastes
  • Perfect purees
  • Batch cooking
  • Food safety and hygiene (including safe defrosting/re-heating)
  • Introducing new textures
  • Fabulous finger foods
  • Mighty meals (8-12 months)


Additionally this programme can highlight the importance of good hygiene and sterilisation methods for parents opting to bottle feed their babies (expressed breast milk or formula). There is also scope for participant driven topics and discussions within the programme – our nutritionists are always on hand to give nutritional advice to participants.

“I am a lot more aware about supermarket baby food with hidden sugars”

Mother who attended the bottle to beaker session during the weaning wonderful programme, 2014

Here are some lovely images of a Weaning Wonderful Taster session we ran with two mother’s!