Lydia’s week with Healthbox CIC!

Lydia’s week with Healthbox CIC!

I am a student at Christleton High School, currently finishing my first year of GCSE’s in year 10. I have not yet had any major experience in a working environment. However, Healthbox has been an amazing place to start and has grown my knowledge in an everyday working space.  Nutrition and helping individuals with mental health is important to me which is why I was very excited to join the staff for one week of my work experience. I was welcomed by warm, friendly faces each day. 


During my first day at Healthbox I went along to the ‘Shared Reading’ group as part of The Wellbeing High Street project. There, we read a short story with a lovely group. I loved engaging with this project. Later that day I went along with Sarah and Becky, the companies yoga instructors and delivered a KS1 yoga class. It was a very interesting experience to see what an impact yoga had on the children at the end of the session.


The second day, I was given a tour of Ellesmere Port and an overview of The Wellbeing High Street project in context. We also visited Trinity Church, in Ellesmere Port and saw the local Foodbank. It really re-framed my mind, realising that there are so many people living in poverty locally. It was lovely to see how caring people can be when they come together as a community to help those that are in need. Afterwards, I took part in the ‘Confidence Building’ activity then joined Nicola at a meeting to discuss planning a summer community event.


The rest of the week involved attending a coffee morning and socialising with local people as well as helping with day to day jobs around the office. I also went along to some meetings with The Welcome Network Manager, Steph to discuss new activities and events running in the near future! 


I enjoyed going along to the Falls Prevention classes and seeing how much the participants enjoy the classes and really benefit from them! It was great to chat to some of the elderly people that were taking part in the class! 


Overall, I have really enjoyed my experience at Healthbox CIC and have gained some self-confidence knowing I am able to work well in a working environment. I really recommend work experience with Healthbox CIC!


Thank you, Lydia!

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