How important are your child’s teeth?

How important are your child’s teeth?

According to The Oral Health Foundation only 74% of adults have had to have at least 1 tooth extracted, many of an adults oral health problems stem from how they took care of their teeth during the early stages of their lives.  Today, roughly 40% of children don’t visit the dentist every year and a third of children starting school each year show sings of tooth decay.


We use our teeth every day, talking, laughing, eating, drinking and most importantly we should be brushing them properly.  Every day, Healthbox CIC come across children who’ve not been taught how to properly brush their teeth, nor know why teeth are so important.  We want to help children learn how teeth work and why we have them, to ensure this information can be used twice a day, every day throughout their lives to reduce the chance of an unpleasant trips to the dentist as an adult.


Here at Healthbox CIC, we offer interactive oral health workshops to schools that gear your children up to know everything they need to know and more about how to take care of their teeth. See flyer below for a taste of what your child can expect at our workshops!


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