Holly’s Work Experience Week!

Holly’s Work Experience Week!

I am a pupil at the Whitby High school in year 10 and have very little previous work experience but Healthbox has been a great place to start and grow my knowledge about work spaces. I found Heathbox through my mothers friend who praised it for being helpful to all. Mental health and overall well being is very important to me so I was very excited to join the staff here for one week of my work experience. I was welcomed by warm friendly faces who were kind and involved me into discussions, Seona showed me around the office and talked me through my upcoming jobs throughout the week. I had the opportunity to take part in the Rural Living Well Project, Rossmore Yoga sessions, Cookery tasters and an Adult education courses.


I was taken to a cooking demo with Jess and Georgie on my first day and observed as they gave a demonstration on how to make easy healthy dips to go with tortilla chips. I again joined Jess on my second day to give out dip and tortilla chips and give the older people the recipe to enable them to cook healthy meals for themselves. I was able to interact with the older people and see how this simple act could help them in their day to day lives. These sessions also allowed these people to participate in conversation, become more confident in social situations and engaged with the community.


Holly took me to Rossmore Primary School during the afternoon to take yoga classes, I observed the first class and took part in the second. I witnessed most of the children become more relaxed and the yoga teaches them how to be more aware of their bodies and mind. Yoga enables people to be more relaxed and destress, teaching this from an early age is very important and can help prevent some mental strain.


During the week I took part in falls prevention classes led by Jack which helps older people become more confident on their feet after a bad fall. This class is a social space and everyone got very involved and were all nice and welcoming, the older people who attend have gained friends and confidence moving about.


Thank you Healthbox, I would encourage anyone of any age to complete work experience/volunteer with the team!

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