Healthbox CIC Pioneering Mental Health Training for Businesses

Healthbox CIC Pioneering Mental Health Training for Businesses

We are developing counselling services to tackle mental health problems that cost UK business over £35 million every year.

We are a not for profit, social enterprise that exists with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of local people.  We have developed a training programme that helps businesses to support their staff’s mental health.

Laura Turner our counselling service manager says: “Self-care should be as important as reaching targets at work. The idea behind this training programme is to enable staff to support their own and their staff’s mental health.

“With the UK’s economy being dominated by the service industry, everyday UK staff are dealing with their industry’s customers. According to MHFA England, “74% of UK residents say they have felt stress in the past year.”

Simon Sandford, Director set up the business alongside Director Georgie Charnley in 2010 to tackle a variety of public health problems in Ellesmere Port.

He said: “We are stressed nation, and often that has a lot to do with our work responsibilities. It’s important for business owners to remember that their staff are human and that they may need some extra support.”

Mental Health Foundation research shows that one in 10 sick days are related to mental health problems, costing UK employers over £34 billion each year.

This new training package aims to help businesses facilitate their own peer supervision groups to enable staff to feel they can talk. It explores the concept of the practical mind versus the emotional mind and how emotions can affect work productivity and concentration.

This training is available to all sectors and business types with bespoke packages available including: self-care skills for teachers, front-line staff, carers and management.

It has already won support from workers who have benefited from the training. An employee at Northwich WorkZone said: “The Healthbox self-care course was delivered to a group of employment support officers working on the front line who often deal with very difficult situations. Staff felt that the course helped them to refocus on the importance of self-care and how this would help them to be better employees for the organisation and better mentors for their customers.

“The course also highlighted the benefits of peer supervision and how effective case conferencing could lead to increased outcomes and more effective teams.”

“From a management point of view, it helped to bring together a number of staff working across various locations to share concerns and ideas in an open forum, which was effectively facilitated to produce an action plan to take forward. Staff felt energised and positive after the session.”

For more information about the training please visit: Or call: 0151 355 0205 / email

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