Healthbox CIC now offers handwashing workshops directly linking to National Curriculum Science (Life processes and living things: micro-organisms) and PSHE (Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle).

There are two options available for small groups or larger groups

Workshops include the following activities:

  • Light box germ spotter – Using UV hand scrub children can see how well they wash their hands and see where bacteria may be lurking!
  • Children taught the correct way to wash their hands to avoid spreading germs.
  • Discussion around the importance of handwashing.
  • Giant microbes activities.
  • Germ powder activity to understand how easily germs are transferred from surface to surface.

Assemblies can include the following:

  • UV hand wash and germ spotting
  • Interactive gigantic microbes activity (the children come face-to-face with the common cold, flu and e-coli!)
  • Importance of handwashing
  • Handwashing song

“The workshop was very informative.  The children enjoyed the hands on experience of learning about hand washing. The song was a great way to reinforce the importance of good hand washing.  I would recommend this workshop to all primary children”

Headteacher, Wolverham Primary & Nursery School